Eight scenic spots

        Ling Feng is the East Gate of Yandang Shan, Yandang Shan one of the most beautiful music. Along the Ming Yuxi and on the mountain wall two walls, dangerous peak chaos stacked, streams gurgling. Day King look, night ecstasy. When night fell, Zhu Feng cut the film shadows, "Eagle wings", "Rhino Mochizuki", "husband and wife peak" "Acacia woman" ... ... one by one manifestation, both physical and mental, it is spiritual thinking, imagination .

Three boxes of fruit box

Ming Yuxi in the condensate Bantang and across its fruit box bridge and fruit box rock (with Pavilion) collectively known as "fruit box three King." Ningbi pool, located in the fruit box rock and ferry rock between the wide acres, more than 10 met

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Guan Yin hole

First name Lingfeng hole, also known as Lohan hole. Hidden in the hands of the peak, east. Hole 113 meters high, 76 meters deep, 14 meters wide, according to rock to build nine pavilions. For Yandang first cave. Into the gate that is King Hall, th

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Beidou hole

Formerly known as Fuhu hole, because the hole is named after the Fu-hu peak. Later, due to Taoist worship Beidou Yuanjun, and change this name. Located on the left side of the Guanyin Cave, facing south. Emperor Guangxu early years, Taoist Zhao Zh

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Baiyun Temple

Located in the Yi Tianzhang, was founded in the Republic of China twenty-four years (1935), in 1986, renovated in 1990, the construction of the hall 3 rooms and rooms. 1995 Taiwan businesswoman Zhang Yaohong President sponsorship, expansion is the

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